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Re: Cheaper is not always cheapest

sillette wrote:

Just a thought from someone who is saving the pennies for a XI and has just realised he could, instead, get an excellent condition IIIg with a 35mm lens. I always have thought the IIIg the perfect Leica and wanted one but, when one is young, as I once was, the newness of the M3 and then the M4 seduced me.

Funny you should mention the lllg. My first leica was the lllg back in 1956. It was a terrific camera. The really odd thing about it is the previous owner had mounted the fifty mm bright line finder. Sigh go figure. I just sold a very nice lllg last week that I picked up in Bangkok I didn't make anything from the sale but its helping to finance my new m9.

You got me thinking what my favorite Leica is first as a user and second as something just like a lot. For the just like a lot because its well for lack of a better word its just beautiful sitting there looking so minimalist like a well I cant think like what. That would be a pre c series black lacquer standard with nickel metal work and an nickel elmar. I mean wow hehehhe and the first thing I would do is use it. My favorite user Leica is the M2 through m4-2 best finder if your gonna use 35mm and not all mucked up with those silly extra frame lines. Come to think of it I also kinda like the lllf er and the hmmm this list could get rather long sigh. Enjoy your lllg.
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