Nikon GP-1 versus Phottix Geo One

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Re: Nikon GP-1 versus Phottix Geo One

I promised everyone that I would report back on my experiences with both the Nikon GP-1 and Phottix Geo One GPS units after my vacation trip.

During the three days of shooting the Aviation Nation 2009 air show I shot over 10,500 photos with my two D300 cameras. I mounted the Nikon GP-1 on the D300 which I hand held and the Phottix Geo One on the D300 which was tripod mounted.

Both GPS units worked well, although I really didn't like having to screw in the 10 pin connector each time I wanted to mount the GPS unit. Unfortunately I couldn't leave them mounted all the time because they wouldn't fit in my Think Tank Airport Security bag if they were on the cameras.

Both units took between 45 to 60 seconds to obtain all the GPS satellites upon the first startup of the day. Both units have excellent resolution and can distinguish even slight movements of a foot or so.

I will say that the LED light on the Nikon GP-1 is easier to see during bright daylight than the Phottix Geo One unit. Other than the Phottix unit being slightly physically larger than the Nikon unit, there is no difference between the two units except price.

I will also say that there was quite a bit of interest in the units from the other media photographers in the photo pit area. They weren't sure what the GPS units were at first and then after I explained what they were and did the most common response was, "Won't you remember were you were when you shot these photos?".

My response was yes I would remember the general location, but the GPS information lets me know the exact spot where I was.

In conclusion, I like both units and will continue to use them when I am shooting outside.
Clifford W Martin
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