Photons Missing In Action

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Marianne Oelund Veteran Member • Posts: 6,780
Photons Missing In Action

This thread is all about those unfortunate photons which wander into your lens, but fail to reappear at the other end - even though they were on the right path to do so.

Over the past few months, I've been collecting data about their mission success, and compiling it for your enjoyment. Camera used for testing was the D3, and the test results give the image sensor's view of arriving photons, as represented directly by RAW file data; no RAW conversion software or firmware is involved.

The information breaks down into several categories, each of which will be discussed in a separate part to follow:

  1. Lens transmission efficiency, or T-stops

  2. Aperture control accuracy (sometimes you get more photons than expected)

  3. Lens color cast, or does photon color matter?

Apologies in advance if your favorite lens isn't represented in the set that I've tested. Not all of us are as well endowed with Nikkors as Bjorn.

It will probably take me several days to finish all of the posts, so be sure to check back again later.

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