[IMGS] 8mm FE shows Islamic interiors (and other stuff)

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[IMGS] 8mm FE shows Islamic interiors (and other stuff)

As shown before in a previous thread, I went to Istanbul the weekend before last.

Unable to make up my mind about which UWA lens to take, I decided to take both :

  • the ZD7-14mm mainly for outdoors use (e.g. during a boatride on the Bosporus)

  • the ZD8mm FE for indoors : I figured that the fisheye distortion would be interesting to use in the interiors of the Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia, Sultanic Mausoleums etc.

Indeed, islamic (but also byzantine and roman) architecture is filled to the brim with arches, passageways, domes, cupolas and what not.

Here are some samples of the FishEye unleashed on such a subject (all images handheld and without flash) :

Ceiling of the Blue Mosque :

Interior of one of the Sultanic mausoleums that hug against Hagia Sophia (main byzantine church, converted to mosque and then secularized to be a museum) :

Tourist photographing icon mosaics in the Hagia Sophia :

The next two shots can serve to illustrate the dramatic difference between 14mm rectilinear and 8mm fisheye (shot from the same vantage point) :

14mm with the ZD14-54 on E3

8mm FE on E3

But I did also use the lens for more modern stuff, like this tiled wall in the subway, showing an ancient-styled bird's eye map of the historic center :

And a fisheye is obviously also fun to use in the labyrinth of the bazaars (used to be the medieval equivalent of a shopping mall, now mostly a tourist trap).

This shot shows the entire ceiling of a section, and part of the wall, where modern stuff is for sale) :

For one of the final images of the trip, I used the FE outdoors for a special group portrait of our little visiting party.

This is my wife, her sister, the husband of the sister and myself, in the gardens of Topkapi Palace :

I'm on a hard and fast track towards liking the peculiarities of fisheye.

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Roel Hendrickx

lots of images : http://www.roelh.zenfolio.com

my E-3 user field report from Tunisian Sahara: http://www.biofos.com/ukpsg/roel.html

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