Sigma DP2 vs Olympus EP1 - night shot

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Re: Sigma DP2 vs Olympus EP1 - night shot

DaSigmaGuy wrote:

I dont understand why the result of this comparison should be a supprise to anyone here?

Whilst its true that downsizing larger Bayer sensor sourced images may reduce image detail by a tiny amount (and I stress the word tiny) it also greatly increases the perceived sharpness of those images...However even though the Oly pics have been downsized they still look VERY soft compared to the Siggy pics.
I'm not at all supprised as thats exactly what I'd expect.

Obviously Foveon sensors are inherrantly sharper than Bayer sensors and that they always will be...No amount of sharpening added to the Oly pics will an produce images to match the inherrant clarity of the Siggy pics.

In case you were thinking its the lack of an AA filter on Foveon sensors thats the reason for this then you would be wrong as Kodaks DCS Pro 14 DSLR's had Bayer sensors without AA filters and they still produced horribly soft Bayer-esque images.

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Wow I never expected such a perfect example of my point on the very next post. Downsized images and a comparison against a 7 year old bayer camera. You cannot make this stuff up.

Apparently if you restrict an Aston Martin DBS to 1.4 litres then a Ford Fiesta is a faster car.

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