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Re: I have banding at low iso 5D2

David C Harris wrote:

rondhamalam wrote:

For the OP, if you can accept banding at low iso on 5D2 that's fine.
If you don't see 5D2 banding at low iso that's good for you, and go for it

The statement above is pure FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt) unless there's some serious qualifiers, such as pushing shadows of ISO 100 by 1 or more stops and not using the latest firmware load(s). Yes, the 5DMkII has had a low ISO pushed shadow banding issue, but that's been greatly improved in the latest firmware loads.

Indeed, I've shot about 10,000 frames on my 5DMkII at all ISO ranges and have never had a complaint about noise/banding. I also don't push shadows +2.

Here's a sample of 5D2 (usually if I put a link people don't bother to open the link so images instead)




And, to prove my point that the above statement is FUD, the samples rondhamalam has provided show the least amount of banding I believe I've ever seen in digital noise.

Thank you for sying my samples show the least amount of banding.

Unfortunately my stock photo agencies rejected them all because of bandings

Problem is I can not remove those bandings with any software available on the market. To remove them by bluring/masking will degrade the quality and will certainly be rejected either.

Back to the old camera, and selling 5D2

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