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Re: G11 or S90...

Ok , here is my two cents on this. (Note I have not bought either yet)

Picture quality:

I took a card and convinced the BB staff to loosen the camera so I could put in my SD card.

Took a round of pictures with both at base and 400 ISO, some near and some zoomed in and all without any flash.

Overall if I pixel peep the G11 was fractionally sharper, however the difference thanks to the f2.0 lens was that all the pics from S90 was usable, even the ISO 80 while NONE of the ISO 80 pictures taken with the G11 would have been usable.

It was hard to see any major difference for the ISO 400 pics without pixel peeping.

I used to have a G2 and the G11 felt similar in my hands, great! The S90 felt like a small point and shoot a little hard to handle, probably it would benefit form the extra grip I have seen a lot of posts on.

So if you want one camera, I would go G11 all the way. However if you want a P&S, like me, to complement an existing SLR it would be S90 since it was capable of capturing quick pictures in pretty much any condition which to me make it just as useable as my D-SLR. For any tricky situation I have my D-SLR since I know it can handle anything I through at it. To have a Point and Shoot as capable as the S90 is like having a D-SLR that will make sure I dont miss the shot even f it is not the same picture quality as if it was taken with the SLR.

Of course if you want one camera and size matters again the S90 could do the job better than any other P&S it's size but if you only want one camera and can take the slightly larger body (gives you better ergonomics) go for the G11. Personally I miss the view finder on the point and shoot since I am near sighted and hate holding a camera in front of me. This is to me the biggest draw back of the S90.

But due to its lens and sensor it is very forgiving. I took the shots very quickly without too much care since there were others wanting to see the camera and looking at how good they were this to me shows the strength of the S90.

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