Tamron 17-50mm f/2.8 VC tests?

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Tamron makes better SCREW-DRIVE lens for Sony / Pentax

I know "exactly" what you mean. Did you know that my first DSLR is a Konica Minolta 5D + KM 28-75 f/2.8 (rebadged tamron 28-75). I agree with you that Tamron lens "focus" very very fast via screw-drive on my Minolta DSLR. When I switch over to canon........to my dismay, the tamron 17-50 I bought is "whiny" in sound and slow by comparison to the old screw-driven lens.

I really wish tamron would improve its in lens Autofocusing motor. Anyone who has owned a screw-driven tamron in either sony or pentax mount knows how reliable and fast tamron is on the screw-drive models.

CanonUser0 wrote:

I would rate it as the same as Tamron non-VC model. I have not used Tamron 17-50 non-VC in Canon mount, but used in Sony and Pentax mounts, so I cannot give a 100% comparison.

The AF was not really hunting in good light, but in dark, I found the AF really hunts. Also the focus was not that realiable in dark (which I found suprising because when I used Tamron 17-50 in Sony and Pentax mounts, I felt the focus was better in dark). Another thing I found it the noise of the micro-motor. You can clearly hear that. When the VC getting engaged, you will see a small 'jump' in the view finder and everything else will be alright after that.I think that is expected (though I have not seen that in Canon's IS to that extend). In terms of color and contrast, Tamron is good.

The lens is big and it uses the 72mm filters (compared to the 67mm in non-VC). Build quality is okay, not great, but not bad either.

I would post some of the photographs later.


007peter wrote:

Just how SLOW is the AF on the new VC? Can you elaborate with more detail? Does the AF hunts? is the new VC slower to AF than the old non-VC? How reliable is the AF in the dark (this is where the original non VC really suffer)

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