Do you need/not need image stabilization??

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Re: Do you need/not need image stabilization??

You don't need IS, but it's nice to have.

My second digital camera was the venerable Uzi (C-2100UZ), and third the E-100RS, both with the (Canon-based) optical IS lens. Very useful for shooting hand-held at 380mm (equiv). I later moved up through the E-10, E-300, and E-1, all without IS, but managed to do ok. More tri/monopod use, more use of higher ISO, etc., but I got by. Still, when the E-510 prices started to drop, I picked one up to get the extra MP and the IS.

A good tripod is best, but sometimes you don't have that luxury either due to size/weight constraints, or a subject that's moving too fast to track on a pod.
It's there that IS really helps the most.

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