R1900 makes good prints, BUT . . . .

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Re: R1900 makes good prints, BUT . . . .

SPaul wrote:


We have all seen the MANY complaints about ink usage (& cost) . . . perhaps somewhat related to "over cleaning" as directed by the printer s'ware . . . perhaps somewhat related to small cartridges . . . or, perhaps related to cartridges that cause a yellow warning light to stop the printer and need to be replaced.

I am now getting a series of "warning messages" . . . "Delete all print jobs and remove foreign objects . . . ", "Printer is busy", "General error", Ink cartridges cannot be recognized", "My father is bigger than yours" . . . .

AND, this printer is my 2nd R1900 . . . Epson having replaced the first issue.

To be honest, I believe that "Epson" is a fake name and the REAL manufacturer is the U.S. Congress !!!

I am now debating as to whether I should send Epson yet another series of emails, or just hit this #@!Z! thing with my largest axe !!!

In a word, I am simply #@!Z! sick of dealing with this #@!Z! printer !!!

Any positive comments ???? (And, NO . . . I don't drink !!!)(Nor am I suicidal !!!)

Vancouver, WA . . . USA

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Don't have the R1900. I have the 2200 and R800 printers and have not experienced issues with these printers as you have described. Just curious, what is your normal frequency of printing -- that is, amount of time between printing sessions. The longer time between printing appears to invite part of the issues you have described

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