S90 vs Digital SLR - low light shots, how expensive?

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Re: Of course you are right

Micro 4/3rds SLRs have plenty good enough IQ yet they are very small now.

I really think Canon will have to enter that market, they risk falling far behind. 4/3rds was not that much smaller, but micro 4/3rds is what it should have been from day 1.

antoineb wrote:

when you say that it varies.

I like to travel light, I like to be insconpicuous, I like to not have to worry about valuables, I like to be able to take my camera everywhere, so smaller lighter cameras work for me. And I'm willing - or I have to - compromise on IQ in some circumstances.

I fully realise that other people feel that a DSLR plus kit lens is small and light enough. And that there are people who take their DSLR plus kit, plus maybe a second lens, everywhere, including on long hikes and the like.

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