The joys of 4/3

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Re: Still not getting it

Gainsboro wrote:

Au contraire. As I've tried to explain to you more than once , whatever DOF 4/3 can shoot, FF can shoot:

Paul Silk wrote:

True but you convinantly forgot to mention that shooting FF to match dof requires a two stop slower shutter speed which in itself will effect imager sharpness, especially if handheld.

Nothing was "conveniently forgotten", except, perhaps, when you overlooked what I wrote in the link I cited above:

In cases where FF needs to match the shutter speed, then a two stop higher ISO needs to be used. However, all this does is eat into the two stop noise advantage, so, again, FF is not disadvantaged, in terms of IQ.

Quit pro quo and cause and effect means you can argue these boring statistics all you like till the cows come home, my one and only post on this subject as it is going nowwhere apart from petty point making.

It only becomes an argument that "goes nowhere apart from petty point making" when people don't read the points I raise, and say that I "conveniently forgot" to mention things I covered.

Oh yeah -- forgot my smiley. Here it is:

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