Digimate 3 - my initial impressions

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Digimate III - Be Warned!

I've used various different models over the past few years - it is sold as Photobank as well as Digimate and, despite various inconvenient design flaws (for example no easy way to verify a successful copy as has been mentioned above), none have actually let me down and as an inexpensive solution I have recommended it to numerous people. However....

My newish Digimate III just told me it copied 100% of a half full 16Gb CF card and lied through its teeth. Empty (correctly labelled) folder, no files, no corrupted files and no deleted files. Important pictures and unfortunately it was a long session so I overwrote most of the card by the end of it. Another CF card from a different camera copied OK a few minutes before.

Connected to a computer the HD insists on switching off after a short time even if connected to the power supply as well as the USB port so I suspect a firmware problem.

There appears to be no manufacturer support for this device under any brand name that I can find and no way to check or update the firmware so despite the fact that this seems to be still widely available I would caution anyone considering it to look elsewhere - 100% reliability is the only acceptable number.

I'm not interested in viewing or editing the files in the field - can anyone suggest a reliable alternative?

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