Replacing the Top LCD Window on a D300 (With Pics)

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Replacing the Top LCD Window on a D300 (With Pics)

Hello everyone, I have just replaced my top LCD glass for my D300 after cracking it on a building site (bloody scaffolding!).

I first phoned a few camera repairers and got several quotes from £60-£90 and a 4-6 week turnaround, but after reading a thread on here I found the Nikon UK Spares phone number (020 8481 6815) so gave them a call and ordered the parts myself.

Cost (+VAT):

LCD Window: Part No. 1K603-220 £2.84 each
Double Sided Tape: Part No. 1K105-070 £0.58 each

Total including VAT £3.93
Shipping £2.00

A grand total of £5.93!! Brilliant.


Take out Broken LCD with small flat screwdriver, taking care not to scratch your LCD screen..

Place new double sided tape on the edge of the screen..

Peel off the 2nd piece of backing paper of the tape and take your new glass out of its protective film

Place window into the gap and press down with lint free glove or lens cloth, and hey presto! 5 minutes and a saving of over £55.00!!

I hope this is some use to someone out there, I really am a novice in this kind of thing, so if I can do it, pretty much anyone else can do it.

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