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Re: Walter - a question...

Would you mind sharing your Photoshop routine for noise reduction?

In ACR I use roughly 1/100 of the ISO speed for both noise reduction setting as a starting point. So say for ISO 800 I use a preset 8 luminance and 8 color. While this is almost nothing (and almost nothing is needed I often let it at 0 for 800) the effect gets a bit stronger if you go to higher ISO. At 100% I see the effect very clearly and can slide both values up and down while pixel peeping the 100% crop window. CS4 uses the graphics card hardware to do the calculation so on a fast machine this is real time viewing of the effect which helps a lot. In dark areas you will need to go a bit higher but I prefer to do rather too little noise removal but that is just personal taste.

After import into PS typically I do noise reduction as a first or early step certainly before sharpening and or changes in number of pixels. This is done in neat image but other software like noise ninja will be fine as well. These two programs give excellent viewing of the applied effect and have a nice user interface. Again I rather do too little than to much but this really depends on the type of image. Also the type of camera makes a big difference. I actually like the noise from my D3 while I dislike the noise of D200 images.

I should add that I am not professional with PS so there may be better description somewhere

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