sharp images from a canon 7d

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Re: sharp images from a canon 7d

Others here can give a much better technical answer for the diffraction effects ( the high MP sensor does not cause them )... but the 18MP crop sensor will certainly show the diffraction that is there. At F14 you will certainly feel the effects of visible diffraction with the 7D or 50D. If the sun is that biright, use an ND filter and get ack down to F8 or preferably F7.1 or so. Without seeing the original unprocessed file is hard to say how much good PP would help but I never shoot my 50D that stopped down. The 7D I had briefly was plenty sharp though at 100% crop level diffraction, any camera movement, and lack of lens resolving power show up quickly. Its hard to get a 200% crop on these high MP sensors to lok super sharp without some PP work, least based upon my experience with the 50D. Good luck!

Gary j Howard wrote:

i shoot alot in harsh sunlight, so its hard to maintain background exposure ect without going to that end, I do also shoot in more hospitable conditions, i also shoot for a studio 3 days a week and they still shoot between f11 f13 most of the time , im also restricted with a max sync speed of 1/250 due to the lights I use

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