5D II vs 7D; quick test

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dmanthree Veteran Member • Posts: 6,509
5D II vs 7D; quick test

OK, my turn to chime in on 7D "softness." Right. Anyway, here's the setup:
-7D with 28mm 1.8 EF
-5D II with 50mm 1.4 EF
-Both cams set to iso 200
-Both lenses set to f8
-Equidistant from the subject
-Single point AF on both cams
-7D processed in DPP, 5D II in ACR
-Minimal sharpening applied in either RAW converter, none applied in PS

5D II image brought into PS directly via ACR, 7D saved as TIFF and then opened in PS. Image windows tiled vertically, both images zoomed to 100% (yes, pixel peeping; so sue me), and then a screenshot.

The side by side result (7d on left):

Results were closer than I thought.
'Hit Refresh if pix do not appear. Flaky ISP at work.'

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