A550 standard vs DRO vs HDR sample

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A550 standard vs DRO vs HDR sample

OK...quick and dirty, since I saw it asked - when to use HDR and the difference from DRO. These are all quick and ugly handheld snaps at ISO6400 in my library - 100% crops, no processing. I will try to do a newer test at low ISO - this was actually an ISO test I was doing which is why I was all the way up at 6400, but it does at least serve the purpose of showing the differences in the modes.

Here's no DRO or HDR:

Here's DRO on auto:

And here's HDR on auto:

Note the DRO boosted the shadows in the shelves behind the books and above them, but also increased the noise in those areas by turning up the gain. It could be cleaned up in post, but the noise issue with DRO is something to remember. Also, it doesn't really have any greater detail than the standard shot.

Note then that the HDR shot has significantly cleaner shadow areas, which are also brighter than what DRO did in auto mode. DRO can be manually cranked up to +5, but it'll be a noise beast at that point and this high ISO. But the blending on the HDR mode has reduced the noise. Also, there appears to be slightly more detail, which is mostly due to the counteracting of the noise, and therefore noise reduction, along the contrast lines in the details. Lines in the standard shot are a wee bit fuzzy and lacking sharper edges and detail...whereaas those lines and edges are much cleaner and more distinct in the HDR shot.

Just another test, brought to you by...me.

Comments, questions, critique welcome. Discuss.

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