Is there something wrong with my D300s?

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The plot thickens...!

olyflyer wrote:

ocrampix wrote:

There still could be the possibility that your other card is faulty.

Yes, but no. How come it only affects the flag and only for the JPEGs and is repeatable. I have to try to format the card take some shots, download and then take a video scene, new shots and new download. If it happens only after the video than I think it is obviously the video.

That is extremely interesting!

The problem I have with my D300s also occurs after shooting a movie. In fact it occurs only after shooting the first movie when the memory cards have been formatted.

I have explained the problem in those posts:

My current CF card is a SanDisk 8GB Ultra II and the SD card is a SanDisk Extreme III (30MB/s Edition) 4GB.

Which memory cards are you using with the problem, and which memory cards are you using now without the problem?

Anyway, I always format my memory cards, because 1) it's fast 2) of the 2-button format feature.

I also prefer the format because it is a definite delete, not just removing the file pointers, like when you delete a file.

I believe that the camera's format function simply initializes the FAT.
Actually formatting the cards would take a lot longer.

Please correct me, should I be wrong.


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