GF1 vs LX3

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GF1 vs LX3

I all of a sudden decided I'd like to get a digital camera for Christmas. I've been lurking for a couple weeks here and have essentially narrowed down my candidates to either the GF1 or the LX3.

I have some experience with photography; I learned a bit in photography class a couple years ago (in high school) on an old film Pentax SLR. But, being someone who has always enjoyed technology, I decided digital is definitely the way to go.

I narrowed it down to these two cameras mainly based off of people's photos I'd seen in this forum and a bunch of reviews. Obviously there is quite a difference in price.

I suppose all I'm looking for is a few opinions on which camera would better suit me. I have a few questions as well. How does the Leica lens on the LX3 compare to, say, the 20mm pancake? I've seen plenty of photos from each and, maybe it's just me, but a lot of pictures I've seen from the LX3 appear a bit sharper. Perhaps this has to do with how new the GF1 is and just the general post processing on the LX3 photos I've seen?

My main intention for this camera is just to have something highly portable that will take quality photos of friends, family, and for general street photography. But the interchangeable lenses of the GF1 sure are attractive to have something I can evolve with as a photographer and use for years to come. Whereas with the LX3, I might feel it is outdated in a year or two, especially if a newer model comes out within 6 months of my getting it.

Again, I mainly am wondering about the LX3's Leica lens vs. the Lumix pancake (I'd much prefer it over the kit zoom, but am wondering if I'll be able to find it for sale before Christmas), and if the GF1's nearly doubled price has considerable advantages over the LX3 in terms of overall image quality.

Sorry if this isn't the best section of the forum for this...

Thanks a lot.

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