Printing services vs do it yoursef ?

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Re: Printing services vs do it yoursef ?

Then i would do some research on Dye Sub photo printers. They are cheap. I have DPP-F90 and its pretty good and i would say fun printer (especially if you have kids)

I just bought 360 prints package from amazon and prints come out to be 25 cents each.

my girlfriend love that little printer.

maney gomes wrote:

Kolyan2k wrote:

i print 4x6 myself on sony photo printer. i like it. i dont print much. i dont have that many pictures and i print only photos that i really like. ps. i compared the prints to online photo printing website and they looked the same. i am also too lazy to upload images and then wait 3-4 days for pictures to arrive.

Also, a factor that worries me a lot is that once you upload those pictures, who knows who is going to get a hold of them or where the pictures are going to end up at...

I mostly photograph my kids and I do not want the pictures of my kids to end up in the wrong hands...

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