What is going on, Pentax?

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Ari Aikomus
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Do not be hysterical !

I do accept different like opinions and debate, but I don't accept such a attack on the person, as your comment almost is.

This is an open forum for diverse opinions, and above all a gear forum where you can talk about the camera equipments and their problems etc.

I understand that some people love their camera equipments more than life and and has a strong relationship with their "brands"... However camera equipments are only merchandise after all, and Pentax is commercial enterprise which try to make money with them - and we pay for it.

I'm also Pentax customer. I have three Pentax film SLR, three modern Pentax AF lenses and four older Pentax lenses - and one Pentax flash. I have had also Pentax K10D and K200D DSLR bodies and now K20D - and maybe K7 in future.

So I can claim something from my camera company. Do you understand that ? I came very happy when Pentax released a new SDM technology couple of years ago...but now I am no longer so happy because of these "problems".

Do you hear me? I'm NOT A PROBLEM - I'm pentax customer !! And I want working modern AF lenses, but I don't want buy products which can cause problems to me.

I don't mean that Pentax is a problem, but yes - most obviously Pentax has a problems with that technology...and that does not harm me most, but why Pentax does not say and do nothing about it? Why this damn silence?

Joe Barnhart wrote:

Some people have experienced problems with focusing their SDM lenses. A few were caused by dirty contacts, some by physical defects. But the response on this forum is straight from the textbooks under "mass hysteria."

What else do you call it when masses of people who are COMPLETELY UNAFFECTED by any such problem introduce vitriolic posts such as this one? What SDM failure have YOU experienced? What AA battery problem have YOU encountered?



LOL!! Are you serious? I'm Pentax customer - and although I would not - I can comment things here.

It is YOUR post -- and others like it -- which have contributed to the mass hysteria about SDM and AA battery problems. By saying over and over (and over and over and over) "Pentax has QC problems and they are a terrible company and I will never buy from them again" it is YOU who are the source of the "bad reputation".

Just because you heard something and you read a post by someone who said something about Pentax being a "bad company" it doesn't make it TRUE . And you shouldn't go around repeating rumors yourself when you have no first-hand knowledge of the facts.

Just EVERYBODY please stop posting this CR@P IF YOU DON'T HAVE ANY PROBLEMS YOURSELF. Cuz frankly, you don't know what you're talking about.

Thank you and Happy shootings,


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