Give Phil a Break!

Started Sep 11, 2002 | Discussions thread
Hyperfish Senior Member • Posts: 1,815
Panties in a bunch? Wrong AGAIN...

DavidP wrote:

Somehow I bet you make decisions all the time that aren't based
completely on facts.

We all do, every day.

Not only would you be wrong AGAIN, you've also managed to twist my words to suit YOUR ASSUMPTION.

I said "A. I'm not in the habit of trying to make theories based on assumptions."

FYI---> A THEORY is NOT a decision.

Now, quit acting like a spoiled juvenile, David. I called a spade a spade when YOU said "...any other site that has a camera in hand is under similar (if not identical) NDA's..."

YOU made the ASSUMPTION, NOT me, I called you on it. In fact, I made SURE to say "And no David, I'm NOT picking on you and/or you alone. I'm pointing out the FACT that YOUR statement (among many others) are ASSUMPTIONS."

YOU, in fact, ADMITTED "...No, I don't know the details of any NDA's that Canon has..."

So... You can continue with the attitude or deal with it like a mature adult, mmm, OK?

And please, don't continue to make ASSUMPTIONS on how I run my life, business or personal by making statements like "...Somehow I bet you make decisions all the time that aren't based completely on facts..."

An ASSUMPTION like that only makes YOU look like.. Well, you know what they say about ASSUMPTIONS...

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