D700 image quality, pull the trigger???

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Pete Delaney
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D700 image quality, pull the trigger???

Hi guys and gals,

Well here I am, finally in a position to pull the trigger on a new Nikon set-up. Many in the Nikon forums have already given me great advice, so thank you I had come to the conclusion that the D300s was the way to go. I planned to back that up with a 50mm 1.4g and Sigma 150mm F2.8 macro (for portrait work too). To start me off...

So what's the big deal, what's my problem? Well..... I just can't toss the D700 out of my head for its low light performance and overall image quality!

I know many of you will have had the same dilema and some will indeed own both cameras. The price difference to me is £500 and if it gets me into something truly special then I can live with the cost increase and will be happy...

So D700 or D300s? crumbs I've even read many threads that the D90 is probably the way to go if I'm considering the D300s......

....Here is a major consideration factor, I AM AN IQ FREAK, can't help it, I think it's genetic and it is the reason I have come to Nikon to replace my old gear!!

Today could be my day to purchase, I keep sleeping on the problem and keep waking up just as confused! Sleeping on a problem is supposed to help resolve isssues....but not for me with this headache!!

Help me Obiwo-nikon your my only hope!


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