7D, Nighttime Soccer, and Pam the EE

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Re: How about Karate indoors at night....

I shoot National taekwondo for fun. Most challenging thing I do.

(1) You really need a fast lens. The 85MM F1.8 is my favorite, the 50MM F1.4 might be more suitable, either is under $500. An F2.8 lens can barely be used.

(2) The tighter the shot, the harder it is. DOF goes down, focusing becomes more critical.

(3) I use spot focus, normal (NOT servo) focus. Spot focus where you think they will be, hold, and anticipate. Focus and hold on the floor half way between fighters and guess a little if needed

(4) Figure on getting under 10% of your shots to turn out, meaning take a LOT of shots.

(5) Shoot RAW, color correction is hard for indoor lighting.

(6) Use 1/500th shutter speed minimum, I try to go with 1/1000th

(7) Action is hard, try to get shots during pauses, resting, on the sidelines, judges, refs, coaches, anything is fair game.

(8) Try to get both players parallel to the camera, otherwise one of the other will be out of focus

(9) Shooting manual works fine, something better. Set up your shutter speed (

Winner, world champion brick breaking, Korea

World record high kick, Korea

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