Canon 7D - Did I make mistake?

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Re: Yes

ohyva wrote:

I'm sure the 200mm f2 L is a very nice lens, but quite expensive IMHO.

With 7D you can use the a lot cheaper 135mm f2 L and get the same FOV (though no IS).

Another poster suggested getting an IS lens. I have to disagree. If you're shooting fast-action sports, IS isn't going to do you any good, since your subjects will be introducing more motion blur than your hands. IS only enables you to shoot at slower shutter speeds, which is counter-productive when shooting fast action.

And to answer your original question, I don't own a 7D, but from what I've seen, both here and at dedicated comparison sites, it definitely produces higher-quality results at high ISO's than the 50D (6400 shots from 7Ds look fine, while 6400 shots from 50D's look acceptable at best).

The only solutions for low-light action shots are fast lenses and more sensitive sensors. The 7D is clearly the most sensitive aps-c camera Canon makes, with the fastest and most sensitive AF, too (which is also important for low-light action shots).

I'd stick with it if I were you.

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