Can't reclaim deleted file space on hard drive

Started Nov 15, 2009 | Discussions thread
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William Pesch Regular Member • Posts: 355
Can't reclaim deleted file space on hard drive

My 40 gig "C" drive partition was showing 7 free and 32 used, so I started deleting stuff to free up some space.

  • Deleted programs using Add/Remove programs in Control Panel

  • Deleted unwanted picture and data files

  • Ran CCleaner and Microsoft Quick Clean to delete cookies, cache files, temp files, etc.

  • Ran malware cleaners, spyware cleaners, defragged drive.

Guess what? 7 free and 32 used.

Then deleted a sub-directory of 7 gigs of data. Checked "C" properties again. 7 free and 32 used.

Checked each Sub-directory properties and added up what is reported as file useage. Total is about 12 gigs.

How come when reading the "C" drive properties direct, it shows 32 gigs used?

How come I am not seeing all my deleted files giving back space for use? I should have seen more than 10 more gigs freed up.

What is happening here?


Thank you

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