regretting to buy D5000, not D90

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Re: regretting to buy D5000, not D90

Colin Stuart wrote:

I don't know if the lower end cameras are "easier", but more "consumer friendly". If I like shooting pictures of the family (and other random consumer pictures), a move from a P&S and hoping to be more "pro" but still retain the ability to point and shoot basically... then those D5000 cameras can be nice.

Don't get me wrong, the actual image quality compared to the D90/IQ and stuff is similar, and you can still be in control of the aperture, etc... but that's getting a little advanced and you might as well as get the D90 with support for AF-D lenses and a proper top LCD screen, and finger and thumb dials for changing settings, etc etc. Even if you were getting a D5000 and just to take "pics"... you'd probably only get the kit lens... which is actually okay in terms of optics, but f3.5 widest aperture... not "greatest"... but it can work.

I went from knowing veeery little about the basics from photography. I spent months reading photography sites to figure out what all these base things were, I did months of research to find which camera to buy... and I finally settled on a D200. Getting the thing from day one was daunting, but I felt I ultimately made the best choice... it gave me the most headroom for the future then a loley D5000 (D60 at the time). I don't care for a graphical menu showing what my aperture is doing... I know what it's doing because I read what it did on a website.

Only thing I can say now is that a D300 would be a nice "new tech" upgrade, but base control wise... it's still fairly similar. The D200+Grip+3700 acutations was only $700... the Canon XSi I was looking at the time+kit was $700.

Colin, I'm a bit confused by your decision. Isn't the D200 a whole generation older than the D90/D5000. I thought the D90/D5000 had inherited technology from the D300 (the camera you desire).

Maybe I'm missing something. but the D200 has an old CCD sensor, the same focus unit and meter as the D90/D5000, lower top ISO, worse display, and weighs nearly double. The only advantage I can see is better build quality and controls. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

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