Canon 7D - Did I make mistake?

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Not the 7D. The lens, on the other hand...

I have that lens also. It was my first lens when I got the 10D six and a half years ago. I use it all the time for natural light portraits and it works great if you know its wacky properties well. It has unique soft spots all through the frame--even on crop bodies--at any opening bigger than f2.8 and it's not a very fast focusing lens. After using it all these years, I wouldn't expect much from it in AI Servo mode shooting sports.

For that I use the 135mm f2.0 L - a lens designed specifically for low-light (i.e. indoor) sports. The only negative is that it can be too much reach (216 mm equivalent) on any 1.6X crop body. Some prefer the 85 mm 1.2 or 1.8 for that reason or one of the 70-200 f2.8 zooms for more versatility.

I would recommend you borrow or rent one of the ones I mentioned and give that a go if you want to see what the 7D can really do with indoor sports.

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