Nikon's new MX lenses?

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Re: Nikon's new MX lenses?

A couple of thoughts on the MX/17mm/1" format...

  • Looking at the physical sizes of the zooms that have been patented they range from 85-95mm INCLUDING to the surface of the sensor - this would be comparable to the size of the panasonic u4/3 14-45mm when mounted. The range is of course MUCH larger (comparable to that of the 14-140mm) but don't you think it would make more sense to aim for a smaller range and therefore something more pocketable?

  • I would scrap the 14mm f2.8 in favour of just the 18mm f1.4 in the normal range and replace it with a real wide such as a 9mm f2.8

  • How about a line up at launch (or a roadmap) consisting of:

9mm f2.8
18mm f1.4
32mm f1.2

ZOOMS (variable aperture is fine to make them as small as possible)
F> uF adapter

  • The DX kits lenses with VR would make makeshift telephoto zooms at launch...

18-55 > 50-150mm
18-105 > 50-250mm

  • The new DX 85mm micro would still be useful at 200mm

  • Please hold off on the fisheye till a few years down the line


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