Canon 7D - Did I make mistake?

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Re: Yes

It's not a mistake. The 7d is a great camera. I have a 50D and I'm wrestling with getting the 7D. For action shots your much better with the 7d than the 5DII because of the FPS.

I haven't seen your pics but it also may be a white balance issue which will be tough for any camera. You may want to shoot RAW (if your not already) and make some adjustments on your computer. I'd also suggest spot metering.

The other suggestion would be to use the fastest, longest lense you can afford. . .maybe something with image stablization. I use a Tamron 28-300VC and have gotton some great results.

Also, take lots of shots. You know some won't come out but many will. Don't show people your flubs, and they will think your a photo genius. (smile)

Again, Good Luck and Enjoy!

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