Nikon's new MX lenses?

Started Oct 17, 2009 | Discussions thread
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How close..?

Nikonrumors has another interessting post about the rumored mirrorless system:

For the naming I see SX for "small" and "digital Nikon S rangefinder", MX for "micro DX" or EX for "electronical viewfinder" as good possibilites.

  • AF-S 14/2.8G SX Nikkor (35/2.8)

  • AF-S 18/1.4G SX Nikkor (45/1.4)

  • AF-S 32/1.2G SX Nikkor (80/1.2)

  • AF-S 9-45/2.8-5.6 SX Nikkor (22-105)

  • AF-S 11-105/3.3-6 SX Nikkor (26-270)

  • AF-S 30-105/4-5.6 SX Nikkor (75-270)

We'll know more at Nov. 18th when Sony may release their EVIL system...


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