Is the K-X lack of focus indication a problem for everyday use?

Started Nov 11, 2009 | Discussions thread
Marc Sabatella Veteran Member • Posts: 6,679
Re: nope absolutely no probs.

herr_bob wrote:

I found that if I give my DSLR to someone who use only DCs, most of the time they'll put the black or red dot on something. I can even tell them, use buttons and the wheel to put that dot near the eye. Without any dot, I cannot tell them anything and they'll probably forget to do so.

You must know different people than me. 99% of people I know have no concept that there are different places the camera might focus; they just point and shoot and let the camera choose a subject for them. Surely the tiny few smart enough to use focus points could handle looking at the LCD. Or do what many pros have done for decades and just leave in in center point mode all the time.

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