Jerky video during playback

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Re: Jerky video during playback

Are you shooting in 1080P, 720P, or standard defintion?

I have a 1.83ghz duo-core, 2GB DDR ram iMac and I can't achieve smooth playback. I think those videos are monsters, hell, the 1080P is a larger resolution than my screen even offers (1440 x 944 compared to 1980 x 1080).

I can't make any 1080P and sometimes 720P videos playback smooth, regardless if its a movie, tv show, or videos off my 7D. Time for a new computer...

phinhead wrote:

I recorded some video with my 7D set to 24fps. The playback on the camera is fine, but when I try to play it back on the computer the video does not have smooth play back. The audio is fine...but the video is jerky. I'm guessing it may be my outdated computer....I use Quicktime to play the video.

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