Want to buy a new camera system. Have some questions.

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Re: Want to buy a new camera system. Have some questions.

Both the D700 and the 1Dmk III have better AF systems than the Olympus, but I'd ask you to evaluate your method of using AF and make sure you don't have unrealistic expectations of an AF system knowing where you want it to focus if you don't tell it so. Nikon and Canon will focus better in the dark than the olympus and will track moving subjects better. Both cameras will have bigger, brighter view finders than the Olympus. And both cameras will do much better at 800 and 1600 ISO than the Olympus (the D700 will be better in this field than the Canon.)

Another, cheaper option worth considering is the new Canon 7D. I'd give it one or two more months to let other people be guinea pigs to the new camera to see if there are any major unforeseen problems with the AF system, but from what little I've played with one, it seemed very good. Coming up from a 4/3 system, the view finder will still be bigger and you'll get a little more depth of field (going from a 2.0 fov crop to a 1.6.) The high ISO on the 7D is pretty impressive too. And while the crop factor means the 24-70 won't be as wide as it would on the 1D Mk III, with the money you save you could buy the 10-22, 17-55, or even the 16-35 and still come out ahead (if you went for the 16-35, all your lenses would be full frame compatible, so down the road if you want to upgrade to a 5D Mk V or whatever is out then, you'd have the option.) The 7D can take either EF or EF-S lenses, the 1D Mk III and 5D Mk II can only take EF lenses, as the EF-S lenses are made specifically for smaller sensors.

Personally I'd lean towards the D700, but if I could I'd hold off for a little bit in hopes that Nikon will come out with a D700s following the D3s. The images I got off of the D3s and 6400 ISO were unbelievable.

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