Feel Sorry for Leica: X1 blown out of water by Ricoh ?

Started Nov 10, 2009 | Discussions thread
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Re: The OP didn't compare the new Ricoh and the X1

mroy wrote:

Nobody can do that at the moment, for obvious reasons.

He compared the Ricoh's preview samples with the X1 preview samples (and did so in a rather trollish post, by the way).

Funny, I had to look up "trolling" to see if it fit. I guess it does. I admit to trying to stir up interest in the Ricoh camera, as I think Ricoh cameras are the most under-rated cameras around. I've had two of them and found they were very well made and designed. I posed a question in the original post. Should we feel sorry for Leica? I do. It takes a tremendous amount of design hours to produce a new camera like the X1. If Ricoh had not come along, the X1 would have had the field to itself. Now, it has a first rate competition that will take a significant portion of its market away. That's a bit sad for Leica, IMHO.

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