Ricoh goes Micro Four Thirds...

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very inspiring....

... imagine if the sensor and the lens mount are cartridged the Ricoh way, the lenses conventionally interchangeable like all other systems and the body with the remaining components like the new Ricoh body, there you have sensor interchangeability, and if all manufacturers would stick to the same cartridge standard for mounting the sensor unit that would open endless possibilities: get the ergonomics (body unit) from mfr A, while the lenses (sensor/mount unit + lenses) from mfr B, that's a very wild dream i admit, but at least with this idea Ricoh can introduce a lens mount and conventionally detachable lenses within their new GXR system in the future.

oluv wrote:

...well, would be lots of fun. they could combine the best of both worlds: include in body IS and a speedy AF. besides their body is quite nice and ergonomic, has a great display etc. they can let others build the lenses and concentrate more on sensor etc.

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