Feel Sorry for Leica: X1 blown out of water by Ricoh ?

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Re: some comparisons

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Ok, so you are saying that in one instance people are comparing jpgs with raw and you cannot do that and in the other instance we are comparing raw with raw and that you cannot do that either. I hear that you are saying that any comparison is pointless irrespective of format.

As soon as RAW enters the equation (which it does in both cases), we don't know which settings were used for either camera, nor how ACR handles each camera. I can already tell that there's hardly any sharpening applied to the X1 RAW files, as opposed to any other ACR conversion I have ever seen. This wasn't a test with equal playing field where both cameras were treated equally to begin with, as Andy also explained.

You clearly understand this more than I do and I'm interested. So can I ask whether a RAW converter (I'm assuming that dpreview use one converter for constancy) select a different interpolation algorithm depending on the camera model (assuming it knows about new camera models)?

The demosaicing model may be the same, the results clearly are not in ACR. What's exactly to blame here is hard to tell, but all you have to do is open a Sony A700 and D300 RAW file from the same scene, to see an extreme example of this phenomenon. Maybe some cameras have more NR applied by default (crude baseline NR which can't be turned off), maybe certain "corrections" are applied based on parameters in the RAW file, no idea. The A700 and D300 basically share the same sensor and in a good 3rd party converted such as DCRAW/Rawtherapee, they will look equally good. Yet in ACR, the A700 looks horrible in comparison, blotches of noise vs tight grain in the D300. It's the main reason why I even take official ACR RAW tests on dpreview with a grain of salt. Their addition of 3rd party conversions and RAW files for download was a very welcome one imho.

Can the converter change filter (e.g NR or sharpening) parameters when no settings exist for (new) camera models or will it go for a default?

If the converter recognizes the parameters that come with the file (i.e., if the file follows an existing pattern of adding these parameters), then yes. But again, we don't know that for sure.

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