Has the FZ35 lost "Audio Rec" feature from FZ28 ?

Started Nov 11, 2009 | Discussions thread
Loureiro Regular Member • Posts: 111
Has the FZ35 lost "Audio Rec" feature from FZ28 ? Yes, it does, but...

... you've got something even better to annotate (not only with audio but also with moving pictures) which is the dedicated video button . If you take a picture, you then push that specific button and you will get (your own) spoken comments together with moving images of the whole scenery or just a tiny detail of it or both, whatever suits your needs best. It's a nice feature that I can absolutely recommend to learn more about taking pictures: you will be able to better analyse why a picture looks good or bad on your computerscreen or on a print, a very nice tool to finetune your skills as a photographer.

Have a nice day and have fun taking photos (which is certainly the case with an FZ38)!

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