Feel Sorry for Leica: X1 blown out of water by Ricoh ?

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Re: some comparisons

iaredatsun wrote:

JortS29 wrote:

iaredatsun wrote:

But then Andy's arguments in defense of the x1 samples fail to explain why the Ricoh shots (to my eyes) generally simply look a lot better straight out of the camera than those of the x1.

Actually, he was pretty clear about the fact that the X1 shots are not "straight out of the camera" as we know it. They are converted RAW files, which explains why there's more noise (less NR applied?) and far less sharpening applied.

The Ricoh's noise handling is exemplary and I have to say better than the x1 at this stage of the game.

You're comparing out of camera Jpegs (in camera NR) vs direct RAW conversions.

Sorry to contradict you but the Ricoh 50mm samples do state:

'a larger than usual proportion of the images have been developed from raw'

So if we are selective we can assume that we are comparing like with like.

Even worse, since we don't know the settings used, nor how ACR handles them (ACR doesn't treat cameras equally). It can easily be the converter to blame.

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