Feel Sorry for Leica: X1 blown out of water by Ricoh ?

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Re: Subjective

sensoree wrote:

Ugh. Sorry. I made a terrible grammar mistake and I guess I really needed to be called out on it. I don't know how I'll ever show my face here again (and before you jump on me for it, I know I don't actually show my face here).

That said, the images are absolutely superior to my eye. Of course, I do not have the tools to prove that they are objectively superior, as the tools do not exist.

hi, i beg to differ, the tools do exist...your brain and what you see in your minds eye is every bit as important as what a reviewer sees in his review. a reviewer will also judge a camera by the image quality of a picture. if your mind sees the ricoh photo quality as better than the x1 then more people will probably see it too. and they are indeed seeing it too. what you see in your mind and what you perceive is right, correct and important and nobody can take that away from you cause the human brain and eye sensory path is one of the most wondrous things in this world even more wondrous than the cameras we use. nuff said, rant is over. rude

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