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Re: Canon G11 Leather Case

As I understand it, some genuine Canon G11 cases from Japan--the model # is Canon SC-DC65A, are showing up online. They are the pebbled black leather that looks like 'leatherette'. I have seen them from about $79 to $124 USD. I think these pricey cases are the real deal, although I'd do my homework. Certainly the prices will come down with time.

On 'fleabay' I have seen VERY similar (actually they look identical in the limited images shown) black 'leather' cases that they claim are genuine Canon G10 and G11 cases. But when I called, the seller told me they had just (on 11/8/09) tried them on the G11 and they didn't work with the articulating LCD screen. You'd have to pull the G11 out of the case to use the LCD screen.

No wonder they were 'only' $29. I am glad the seller was honest enough to admit it and I hope he takes his claim of it fitting the G11 off the site.

I am leery for the same reason of buying the rather handsome looking brown leather ones, (comon on fleabay) which are of two rather similar variations and have the "Canon" stamp on them. Note differences in the tripod mount on these, although I'm not sure if any of the brown cases said to be for the G11 will work with the LCD. It looks like sellers are trying to unload cases made for the G10 as being G11 compatible.

I am just going to wait until manufacturing of cases catches up with G11 sales/demand and I can be sure that what I get fits, protects and is of good quality -- at a fair price. Buyer beware!

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