Feel Sorry for Leica: X1 blown out of water by Ricoh ?

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both look promising (3 pics)

the GXR hopefully will be setting a trend for innovation
the X1 is an (expensive) entry level Leica
both will serve photographers well, but the Leica certainly is prettier
I also think the X1 does better than the Ricoh for IQ
from the Tower Bridge photograph in the Samples gallery

there were taken from 180° different vantage points, by different photographers, on different days and using very different camera settings as is the case with the other samples

the X1 inexplicably was shot at f11 and the GXR at f4, which placed it at some disadvantage given the laws of physics

I also note the GXR lens seems prone to some serious flare when shot into a light source with a nocturnal

but the X1 handles point light sources admirably

both these were taken with the lenses wide open, but the X1 was at ISO 3200 and the GXR at ISO 1600
that said not too much can be made from these samples

the only problems the folks in Solms have to work out is how to increase production while maintaining high quality control

the X1 is more of a niche camera, but I think Leica has found itself a niche and will not be disappointed by X1 sales
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