Feel Sorry for Leica: X1 blown out of water by Ricoh ?

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A brilliant camera

Of course it's early days for both cameras, but the Ricoh GXR pictures do look better than those of the Leica X1: not just when pixel-peeping at 100% views of brick walls but also in the entire "feel" of the pictures in the whole including the rendering of out-of-focus areas.

Id does look like the GXR with the 50mm-macro module is a brilliant camera that changes the camera vs sensor vs lens paradigm. The GXR looks like the first interchangeable lens camera that has been designed as a digital camera from the ground up, rather than a camera bing based on a film camera paradigm, like the X1.

There are at least three major advantages of having the sensor and lens in one module:

1. Elimination of the sensor dust problem that comes from changing lenses;

2. Providing the user with the same interface for widely different lens/sensor combinations, which is a great plus because switching between different digital cameras can be confusing: not like switching between two film cameras, like a Leica-M and a Nikon-F, for example. So, now, one will be able to use different camera formats, while maintaining the same user interface.

3. Optimizing the lens and sensor combination for each lens.

Against this, some people have expressed concern about having to replace the lens when you want to change to a new sensor; but my feeling is that the advantages of the "closed" sensor/lens unit outweighs this and that, once there is a new sensor, I tend to think that there will be changes in the lens as the sensor/lens combination is optimized. It's a new ball game.

Finally, many people want the simplicity of the X1 controls — an aperture wheel and and shutter speed wheel — but as some have pointed out the controls on Ricoh cameras are excellent and can be operated very simply. For example on the GRD3, which has virtually the same ones as the GXR, can be used very simply in the manual exposure and focus modes as I've described in my recent of the GRD3 here:



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