Absurd 1DMKIV price point.

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you have no idea

you prove why your opinion doesn't count

I'll explain:

who looks at this camera needs this class of tool. And if you need this class of tool then you need two or three basic lenses for that kind of tool.

now Nikon may be cheaper with the bodies (and who needs this kind of camera gets two of each) but then Nikon will get all the money back with the lenses.


Nikon is not better , at all

and if you didn't know that then you are moving air only, 'cause you had no idea about it.


your opinion doesn't count

at all

completely irrelevant.

Michael_J wrote:

JDavis37 wrote:

It is what it is for the most part. Some will expect lower prices than they are going to get, and those who paid the $$ for the body will want the price to rmeian high ( is always beyond me why some seem to want Canon to continue charging them $5K for a technology that won't last but that is another debate ).

In the end, Canon will set aprice, this time being at $4995 USD, and the market will respond. I fpriced too high, sales will drop and in time the price will drop. Otherwise, it will remain at $4995 USD.

Perosnally, I agree that after all this time the upper Canon and Nikon bodies are $5K plus but then that's just me.

Actually, Nikons pricing is going up - Canon's is going down.

  • The 4mp, 8 fps, ISO 3200, 1D was introduced in 12/01 for $5500.

  • The 16mp, 10 fps, ISO 102400, HD video, plus all the other advances, is being introduced for $4999.99

The lower end has gotten VERYaffordable. The Canon D30 that sold for $3000 USD is now a $500 or less camera. The 1 series is still at $5K. Just seems a high price given the expected lifetime of the technology

That "lifetime of the technology" keeps changing - look again at the differences between the 1D and the 1DMKIV and that doesn't take into account inflation.

but we all have to make our own decisions.

'm glad to see Sony lowering prices.. lower prices is always a good thing in my opinion. Course, if I had just spent $5K on a body and 6 months later it was $2500 I might have a different opinion

The prices of "new" cameras are ALWAYS going to lower the longer they stay on the market - they always have. This is nothing new.

As much as I want to consider the KnIV in hopes it delievers better IQ at lower ISos than does the 7D, in the end I'll be buying a 7D and waiting for either a technolgy shift in the future or a decline in 1 series pricing.

You can expect both to happen. You just need to choose when to buy your gear. Do you want to be on the cutting edge? ...then pay the price.

More than likely the MkIV will sell just fine and Canon will enjoy the pricing. Course, if they lowered the price ot the upper 3's they'd sell one more

Michael_J wrote:

cityphotographer wrote:

sony a850 goes for 2K , brand new

imagine that

oh .. and that's a FF 24.6MP camera, for 2K , also stabilized

again (in case u missed that detail, it goes for 2K)

two K

3K is more than enough for a camera with a bigger body, isn't it?

I say it is (more than enough)

Fact: Canon makes better DSLR's than Sony.
Fact: Non of my Canon lens fit that 2K Sony.
Fact: I don't want to buy a 2K Sony and all new lens, flash guns, etc.

If you want a 2K Sony go buy one, and then go to the Sony forum.

I hear India is making brand new cars for less than 2K, you might want to check those out too.

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People who claim to be open minded never see it my way.

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People who claim to be open minded never see it my way.

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