Underwhelming 7D review from Dpreview

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Underwhelming 7D review from Dpreview

This belongs in a different thread, but there wasn't room for it. I'm posting this here so that current D200, D300, and D300s realize how good they have it, and also so there's one location to go to for all the things which Dpreview's "in-depth review of the Canon EOS 7D" mysteriously neglected to mention. Dpreview used to be much harsher in their reviews once upon a time. For example:

"The primary competition coming from Nikon's excellent D200, a camera which in many ways betters the EOS 30D, user interface, features and flexibility are all a step up."

The first remarkable thing is how much of that remains true with Canon's new 7D, but how this is no longer mentioned.

The second remarkable thing is how faults from the 30D which presist in the 7D and which even the D200 betters, let alone the D300, are no longer mentioned.

Curious, eh? Dpreview doesn't even mention the flurry of firmware updates to the 7D, even though this is something that owners of that body will need those fixes. Dpreview used to talk about such things in their reviews; they no longer do. Make of that what you will.

While there are plenty of "different UI" issues that are largely a matter of taste, serious and real failures of the 7D that do not afflict Nikon x00 series. These are not addressing the same market. Here is a list of those failings. Please add to it as you encounter more.

  • No power regulation, so camera is at mercy of battery level; per 7D manual: "When the battery level is low, the continuous shooting speed will be slightly slower."

  • Only 19 selectable AF points, not 51

  • Spot metering not linked to AF focus point

  • No focus confirmation light during continuous autofocus

  • Cannot assign spot/center/matrix metering to any button

  • Mirror-up buried in menus and cannot be assigned to a button

  • Only one preset white balance supported, not four

  • Setting of manual/preset white balance exceedingly complicated and involved

  • Cannot assign white balance preset measuring to a button

  • Cannot make auto-exposure lock "sticky" (AE-L Hold)

  • Cannot assign bracketing to any button

  • Exposure bracketing limited to 3 exposures only

  • Exposure bracketing limited on 1/2 or 1/3 stop apart

  • Cannot use exposure bracketing if flash enabled

  • Cannot bracket flash exposure

  • Cannot use manual mode with exposure bracketing

  • Cannot use auto ISO in manual mode

  • Cannot use autoexposure lock in manual mode

  • Cannot use exposure compensation in manual mode

  • Any flexible-program shift in P mode cancelled by every shutter release

  • Timer does not lock autoexposure so must use separate eyepiece cover

  • Camera turns itself off on you

  • No control of flash for balanced fill-flash vs subject illumination

  • LCD panel blacked out when power off

  • No AF assist light separate from popup flash

  • No built-in interval timer

  • Auto-display of last shot not full review mode

  • No matrix metering for non-CPU lenses because cannot set aperture and focal length for non-CPU lenses

  • Per 30D review: "Picture Style tone curve not indicated in camera menu (contrast is an offset, not absolute)"

  • Only 26 custom functions, not 48

Can you guess which of those Dpreview bothered to inform the public about? Turns out that Dpreview mentions only one of those under its Cons in its review of the 7D. Try to guess which.

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