Some leaked info on new RICOH GXR

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Re: get over it - I am over it

I think that the chatter on all these threads show that there are a lot of people interested in what Ricoh make. It is reasonable that we collectively discuss what must be a fair sort of investment for many.

The fact that strength and weaknesses of the concept are discussed just helps those wishing to know which criteria are relevant in a decision process.

What was not know was first speculated upon based on rumours. Now we have some bare facts and not much more than some images and little specification. But at least we know how the cartridge system is going to work and that the sensors are included with each lens.

I have not noticed anyone going much beyond the merits of what is now known. No one is speculating on image quality or details of how the system might work in practice other than on very general terms. If some are not over-enthusiastic about the idea of these cartridges it is fair comment to say so. This does not mean that others may really like the idea and I hope that this can and will be said as well.

The idea is not ringing my bells at the moment and I am happy enough to say so with the caveat clearly announced that I will wait and see what emerges when Ricoh formally tell us all about it and some test cameras are put through their paces.

Ricoh don't make dud cameras - although some models are better than others.

I have no doubt that the GXW will be an excellent innovative camera but it does not suit me from what small amount we know. That I am game enough to venture an early opinion is one thing the other is that I am patient enough and flexible enough to watch and listen and re-form my opinion as is necessary.

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