Did I violate law? Etiquette? Something else?

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Re: Did I violate law? Etiquette? Something else?

SeptimusFry wrote:

Having read through the thread, I would like to add a couple of comment - first this is very usual in France, please do not require explanation, perhaps elsewhere is the same. What is important is YOUR reaction. If you run away, you seem guilty. If you put your hands up, literally the full five-finger palms forward, with a smile on your face, and show willing to apologise - I suspect you would then get a whole different scenario evolve, perhaps even an invitation to come and photograph his house,garden,children (but not his wife) !!! The French are far more inclined to be friendly than hostile, you just have to humour them and show some respect. Taking a photo may be disrespectful even if not illegal.
Anything I say is meant to be interesting or funny, but never offensive !

Preposterous nonsense. Apologise for photographing a SHOP WINDOW? Something whose sole raison d'etre (oops) is UNRESTRICTED PUBLIC DISPLAY.

Contrary to what has been noted elsewhere in this thread, the shopkeeper's response is archetypically French; archetypically Parisian in fact.

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