g11 autofocus lag vs g10

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Of course. You should've asked for reasons. And now that you have ...

I found the images from the G11 less detailed and less clean than I could get from my G10, and I did not like the white balance under artificial light. Also didn't like how often I turned the thing on to find the time of day on the screen, and how easy it was to push the Flash button on the 4-way controller when I was simply trying to turn the controller wheel.

I was impressed with the noise reduction at ISO 800, and I think I would've liked the flippy screen. And maybe if I'd hung around long enough for DxO to publish their RAW conversion module, it might have been a different story.

But the bottom line is, at an additional $500 expenditure, it just wasn't a keeper: there were too many ifs. And if I hadn't had the G10, and had the choice of spending $500 on the 10 or 11, knowing what I know now, I would buy the G10.

I should add, this is the first time I've ever returned a digital camera, and I did lose some money on a "restocking fee". Ugh! But it was a reputable local shop, and I have to respect their reasons. I'm happy enough with the outcome.

Now I've defected to Panasonic's MFT offerings as the next step in my climb up the endless digital camera ladder. I'll have a Panny G1 as soon as I can get hold of one. I'll just have to enlarge the pockets of my vest. And I'll continue to enjoy my G10 until it dies, or I do, whichever comes first.

Hope that helps.

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