g11 autofocus lag vs g10

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Re: JFScheck

GeraldW wrote:

It gets down to some fairly small differences. The G10 offers very slightly better image detail,

If it's only slightly better, then isn't the g11 the better choice since it performs well in low light too? I assume the small differences between the two cameras can be tweaked when post processing or are indistinguishable for small prints.

The individual considering both cameras is a sports fisherman...wanting to capture that sailfish jumping out of the water, and the like. Upping the ISO when I take wildlife shots can make the difference between capturing a shot and not getting it because of the increased shutter speed. I think the same would hold true for an advanced compact digital camera.

The individual loves to take photos, but would probably never agonize looking at a photo at 100%, if you know what I mean.

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